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In India and Global Presence

Over 4000 successful installations. Using the power of our Local and International presence we can deliver exceptional solutions to our clients wherever they do business.


We provide safety upto the highest level. We believe in safety of our employees and our clients. In our factory we follow the highest standards.

Complete Range Of Customized Products and Unique Solutions

Your challenges are unique and requires special customized solutions. We think and deliver that along with you.

World's largest Window Cleaning Company

TechnoClean (I) Pvt.Ltd. is India’s first and only truly national provider of facade cleaning and maintenance services with a workforce of about 1500 window cleaners.

Innovation and Quality

With sound advice from our professional team, we work to deliver high quality innovative solutions and services to remain leaders in the market.

Equipment Maintenance Services

We provide a full range of equipment maintenance services for all our products.

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