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Pineapple The compound Bromelin, found in pineapple is believed by many to increase the chances of success. Bromelin can dissolve the proteins which may inhibit implantation and many women have attributed their success, at least in part, to eating pineapple. Take an average sized pineapple and divide it into 5 portions.

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There comes a point when the only way to get motivated is to make a start. The more you think about the more likely you are to procrastinate. If you’re finding it difficult to get started break things down into smaller chunks or try a method like the 5 minute more rule..

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Democrats with knowledge of the process told The Associated Press last week that Biden search committee had narrowed the choices to as few as six serious contenders after initial interviews. Among the group still in contention: Warren, California Sen. Kamala Harris and Susan Rice, who served as President Barack Obama national security adviser.

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