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He took to Instagram and announced he was donating

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Homeless shelters that are not just dumping centers for people we deem dangerous. Homeless shelters that have decent social distancing and isolation arrangements with proper healthcare services and security. We need to start paying our household help more than their salary before the lockdown.

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Shortly after Love learned that the NBA had suspended the rest of the current season due to the coronavirus outbreak, his thoughts turned to the plight of other less fortunate people. He instantly understood that the financial security of people who work at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse as servers, ushers, and security is being shredded. He took to Instagram and announced he was donating $100,000 to help support the Cavaliers’ arena workers.

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But a quiet voice inside me said, ‘lay it down for a moment’ and then other, louder voices helped me keep it up. To those voices you know who you are and thank you x infinity. My heart pounds thinking of who I was two years ago.. In The Will To Knowledge Foucault questions the way in which the relationship between sex and power is conceived as repressive and attempts to demonstrate the constitutive implications this has upon the subject in terms of their subjectification as knowable objects, which in turn is internalized, operating at the level of the body and the conduct of the individual. It is this process by which the individual has come to adopt the search for truth or ‘the will to knowledge’ as a form of liberation, which Foucault wants to trace in order to highlight how power is implicated in and inseparable from knowledge. More widely, Foucault argues for the need to understand and analyze modern forms of power as operating and effective not in terms of top down repression, prohibition or limits, in the form of the juridical, but rather through productive techniques of examination, social norms and practices that are expressed in and give rise to a certain discourse, capable of modifying behavior and constituting subjectivities including that of ‘the other’.

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