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2 flew strikes against Kwajalein and Eniwetok 29 January 2

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And if I don get it at all, and I know I not getting it and I starting to get all up in my head again, then I stop, write down or otherwise try to articulate to myself exactly what I not getting (ex “I just don get how or why the atoms rearrange in this type of reaction”), and take a break. After the break, I either return to it, but try something different like Google a related video or else table it until I can ask a classmate (honestly, rely on others, you all learning it together, some people will get X better than you and maybe if you lucky you get Y better then them and can return the favor, don worry if you feel like you always the one asking, it means you always the one going out of your way to learn and that the whole damn point). And when you decide to table it, table it and move on.

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