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Representation in movies is not even remotely the same as

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does anyone in this subreddit ski on the east coast

I told him that if sex was something they are considering, they should wait until after her birthday in 3 months. I told him that sex can happen at their own pace when they are ready. I also mentioned was not for or against him having sex, only that I wanted him to wait until he wouldn get in trouble..

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Sometimes I think my fellow white leftists want to condemn racists because they don want to take responsibility for their part in perpetuating systems that disproportionately exploit, punish, and degrade people of color. I mean, after we stamp out every single tiny microaggression, then what? Then gentrification continues unchecked in SF, NY, Milwaukee, Portland, Seattle, Charleston, etc. And the undocumented continue to live in purgatory.

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