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It also felt like we were killing a lot of time yesterday

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I think it was EXACTLY what led him away from bipolar. He seemed to have very little patience with me when we talked about it. He flat out said “I don’t think your bipolar I think you just didn’t grow up the way you wanted and now you have failing relationships.

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My view on how to handle this is to kick new mods at the first sign of testing boundaries. Or longer term mods playing passive aggressive games to harass other mod members. The average position is to treat one another respectfully and avoid those confrontations in mod chat.

So I okay with him trying to sort of build a unifying narrative even if it a bit of a stretch for some people (He did also very clearly say that the racism is inexcusable in other comments). Comey, foreign interference, voter suppression and the gutting of the VRA, media malpractice, etc., are all things that contributed massively to her loss. Pete is just as aware of those things as we are.

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