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Mom drove us back and rambled on and on about how glad she was

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The force of the car crash would have killed try this out us easily. Mom drove us back and rambled on and on about how glad she was that we were okay, and how much of a miracle it was that we survived that crash, given that the only other person in the bus died a pretty horrible death. I still couldn’t get the image of the driver out of my head as I looked out the window of the car at the passing fields of dead grass.

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The man was obviously suffering from alcoholism and he shouldn have been in the spotlight. He was a con man who sold the fanbase on playoff success and drafting well when most of his picks didn even work out. His FA moves left a lot to be desired, and one of them was pretty obvious (Norman being released in his prime)At this point I would give him a D+.

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I think what made it worse was me opening up to the school. After that incident I decided to cut off all ties to the counselor, pretend to be ignorant/dismissive when asked about mental health, and shut my mouth. Never stepped into her office anymore even on my bad days.

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