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Resetting all quick cast commands does not fix it

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I went to a shower where I watched as the new mom became increasingly more stressed and eventually started crying because she didn’t know where her infant was half the time.I do know plenty of people who do after baby showers and all the power to them but we were very glad we did the shower before. We got lots of the essentials we thought we’d need before baby arrived (and if you’re looking for a tactful way to request a before baby shower, that’s the angle I’d go with) and as nice as the shower was, it was a lot of people and fairly overwhelming. As uncomfortable as my pregnancy has been, I can’t imagine doing that low on sleep with a newborn.Good luck! The hardest thing I’ve had to learn throughout my pregnancy is that while it’s great to have support and how lovely it is that everyone is excited for the babe, you just can’t meet everyone’s expectations.

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