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So fast forward a few minutes and I had finished a beer and

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16th century spain was definitely a superpower even by your criteria. Its existence, size, and borders shaped the way half the globe ran their policy; every country took into consideration how the spanish empire would react in every step they took, this goes for contemporary france and britain too that by your definition would be “powers”. Granted it was completely unmanageable and lost its status in like, three kings, but let not pretend spain wasn “the” thing to govern around at its peak..

More precisely, Phil is the dividing factor. It Phil show, with Phil wife managing the band (Furthur etc.), with Phil guests (in the Duo). I don have a problem with the guy live and let live but it gets to be too much when the dynamic for thirty years was “no leaders” and now it “me and my wife decide where and when and with who we play.”.

Most were ruined in a flood. At the time, I didn understand why this event (Iraq invades Kuwait) was any bigger than any other event or incursion we had seen in the Middle East in the 1980s. After all, 283 Marines were killed in Beirut in the 80s. I remember being ridiculously happy during the medal ceremony, yet still keeping it all together. The ladies that won gold and silver were amazing and there was zero rivalry whatsoever. After the ceremony I went backstage to pick up my stuff and I finally turned on my phone to read the messages.

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