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Light enters the tube, reflects off of the primary mirror at

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Why are Dobsonian Telescopes a Favorite Among Amateur Astronomers

Welcome to the scary and expensive world of buying your first, or replacing your old telescope!

I am asked all the time “What telescope should I buy” or canada goose outlet store uk “What telescope do I need to see X with?” Nine times out of ten, I recommend a Dobsonian Telescope.

A Dobsonian is simplicity in itself; a simple set of optics on a simple mount. But don’t be fooled by this simplicity. Dobsonian telescopes are incredibly good and are great for amateurs and professional astronomers alike. They are also very economical compared to other canada goose outlet reviews telescopes.

The optical part of the telescope or OTA (Optical Tube Assembly) is the same as a Newtonian reflector telescope. It consists of a primary parabolic mirror and a flat secondary mirror in an open ended tube, with a focuser for an eyepiece set on the side. Light enters the tube, reflects off of the primary mirror at the base and is then focused onto the smaller flat secondary mirror and then finally, into an eyepiece. The more light gathered, equals more fainter objects to be seen. A light bucket!

Dobsonian/Newtonian telescopes have canada goose outlet uk a big advantage over canada goose outlet canada telescopes with lenses such as refractors and Cassegrain telescopes, as mirrors are a lot cheaper to make than lenses. Plus they can be a lot bigger!

Both Dobsonian and Newtonian telescopes are measured by the size of the diameter of their primary (big) mirror. Dobsonian sizes range from starter scopes of 6 inches up to 30 inches, but common sizes are 8 to 16 inches in diameter. They can be many times larger and less expensive to produce than scopes with lenses.

The second part of a Dobsonian telescope is the mount. As with canada goose outlet shop Canada Goose sale the optical part the mount is just as simple, canada goose outlet online if not more so! A basic manual mount which supports the optical tube and can be manually moved by canada goose outlet hand in the Altitude (up/down) and Azimuth (left/right) axis.

The mount is usually made from wood or metal with bearings and support for the two axis of movement. More so lately, some manufacturers have put GoTo systems with motors on some Dobsonian mounts. Personally I think it’s a bit over kill for a Dobsonian, as finding objects manually by star hopping or other manual methods helps you learn the sky better buy canada goose jacket cheap and can be fun.

DobsonianResist the urge to spend lots of money on small computerized scopes that will eventually never get used, as they can be too complicated or you Canada Goose Coats On Sale may not see much through them apart from the brightest objects such as the Moon. A Dobsonian is a great all around telescope, and are available in almost all telescope stores. Some people make their own homemade Dobsonian scopes too!

Due to the nature of the Alt Az mount, Dobsonians are not suitable for long exposure astro imaging. For that you will need an equatorial mount, which canada goose will track canada goose clearance sale the stars equatorially. You may have some success with webcam imaging with some of the GoTo Mounts though. Because of this robust simplicity, they are very economical and popular with astronomers of all levels of ability. My own and most favourite telescope is my Skywatcher 10 inch Dobsonian and I will probably be using it for many more canada goose outlet years to come, as it is difficult to beat!

The name of the Dobsonian telescope comes from its creator John Dobson, who combined the simple design of the Newtonian telescope with the Alt Azimuth mount. He originally made simple homemade scopes from household materials and ground mirrors out of the glass of old ship portholes.

John Dobson canada goose uk black friday is the grandfather of Sidewalk Astronomy and co founder of the San Francisco canada goose black friday sale Sidewalk Astronomers. But technically speaking, only refers to the mount, regardless of the OTA on it. I seen Refractors and SCT mounted on Dobsonian mounts that were attached to the top of a pier.

I do own a 4.5 10 and even an 18 Newt on Dob mounts and agree they are the best bang for the buck. The 10 is a real sweet spot lots of aperture to see tons of detail in objects canada goose outlet jackets but still small enough to easily handle and not too expensive. Having said that, you find me at the EP of my 18 Obsession 99 clear nights out of a 100: aperture kills = )

Olaf: BUY Orion has top notch customer service, canada goose outlet toronto factory good quality, and the 10 is a really good size (see above post). The gives you easy to Canada Goose online make finding things easier, but it won track. Normally, that isn an issue, just making sure you know. You can find cheaper 10 scopes, but not with the integrated Object Locator.

There is a good forum on Yahoo Groups for Skyquest telescopes (i is a base on Skyquest) and you find tons of good info on buying, setting up, troubleshooting, and how to get the most out of that scope.

I already told my GF. I always tend to look at the big telescopes. LOL

It is probably not going to be moved a lot, staying at my GF fathers place where the have some minimal All I want is to take it out, look some starts and planets and nebulas and then 30 minutes later put it back.

The Object locator would be great to find nebula or planets even when they are behind clouds. All I have to do is point it to the correct direction that the locater is telling and wait until there is a hole in the clouds.

The other thing is what light pollution filter would you propose to use? Are they any effective? I really want to see the Crab nebula and Orion nebula and many other galaxies out there. My previous scope only showed dots for stars, that was it. That one was 6 inch I think, basically canada goose outlet black friday useless. I had a small refractors and that showed me the same thing but was very portable.

A ten incher is a nice choice, especially for the targets that you listed as your primary interest. Push to is also great I got a 12 Meade Lightbridge and the single best upgrade I made is the Argo Navis push to scope computer. I hear the one on the Orion works nicely.

As for LPR filters, it is all very tricky canada goose outlet sale and subjective. Broadband LPR filters do a reasonable job of cutting LP. These filters cut emission from sodium, mercury and neon lamps while passing the rest, and work on a wide cheap canada goose variety of objects including nebula galaxies. To get the best contrast enhancement on nebula (noticably better than broadband LPR filters), you typically need to go to narrow pass filters, like Hbeta, [OIII], etc. These bump the contrast up heaps for the objects that they work on, but they tend to only work very effectively on a smaller number of objects, and they kill the view entirely on galaxies (galaxies are broadband emitters).

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