Travelling Davits

Traveling Davits offer an advantage over portable davits; that they can move along the periphery of the building on a twin track. As the time-consuming process of anchoring the davits then moving them manually along the periphery of the building is eliminated; the facade cleaning can be done at a much faster rate.

Traveling Davits are mounted on parapet mounted twin steel track. Each davit is fixed on MS structural frame work with counterweight arrangement. Traveling davit is fitted with manual obstruction which limits travel along track.

In case of manual traveling davits, the cradle cannot be shifted when it is in the hanging position. The cradle, when not in use, is parked at the designated area & safely tied down for protection against unexpected wind load or other unfavorable weather conditions. The equipment combines the advantage of davit & trolley system.


Manual Parapet Mounted Davit Trolleys

Parapet Davit Trolley (Motorized)

Roof Mounted Traveling Davit Manual.

Roof Mounted Traveling Davit Motorized