Aerial Work Platforms



Aerial Work Platform are intended to solve our client’s height access challenges, safely and effectively. The continuously growing market for services in the field of building maintenance involves new and very specific challenges to height access technology.

Falcon Spider

The Falcon Spider Lift is a tall, compact, aerial spider lift that can go through a single door yet reaching an astonishing height of 52 meters. Special features-compact, flexible, low floor pressure, flexible out riggers, double jibs etc.

Dino Lift

Dino Lift platforms are intended for anybody with a need to work at heights safely and effectively. The Dino Lift series has a working height range of 12-26 meters. They are known to work even in the most demanding work conditions. They are robust, easy to use and proven to be extremely reliable.

Blue Lift

The Blue Lift Platforms are projected to have rigid structures in order to prevent bending or lateral movements for assuring maximum operational safety and elevated performance. Thanks to the compact dimensions, the Bluelift platforms can be easily maneuvered into the most awkward areas and driven through standard doorways.