Track Trolleys or Building maintenance units (BMU) are suspended access equipment intended to permanently installed and dedicated to a specific building or structure. BMU is a versatile system with numerous functions built into it for catering to difficult access requirements.The Trolley is designed to support Two Persons & Power Cradle. The trolley will be of very high profile and the Cradle can be rigged from the Terrace. Entry, Parking and Storage of the Cradle can be on the roof. The trolley is designed as per En1808 Standards.

Track Trolley

The Trolley will be mounted on hot dip galvanized steel twin horizontal I-Beam or H-Beam tracks munted on concrete pedestals or steel supports which are connected to building structure. The power required for these motors will be 3Phase, 440V, 50Hz AC power supply.

The frequency of pedestals is dependent on trolley size, load carrying capacity & track gauge. Complete trolley is fabricated from MS pipes & plates sections & is fully welded in construction. The trolley is designed as per En1808-1998. All the drive motors & slew motors shall have independent brake unit inbuilt in geared motor

Trackless Trolley

The trolley is designed to support Two persons & Power Cradle. The Machine is constructed from structural steel with an anti corrosion treatment, painted finish and use of Stainless Steel components wherever required. The trolley will be of four wheel configuration and a guide track roller is provided in the front which is linked with a guide track to be fixed by us in the R.C.C parapet wall.

The traverse movement will be by an electric motor operable from the Cradle when the Cradle is at its highest level. The trolley will have power slewing arrangement. Operators can slew it from the roof level.