Suspended power platform design to carry a safe working load of 240 kg ( i.e two person + material) for vertical transportation to execute cleaning or light maintenance operations.

Solo Power Cradle

Capacity : One man / One Operative
Safe Working Load : 120 Kg..
Power Requirement : 3 Phase, 440V, 50 Hz, 16AMP
Size of Cradle : Dia. 8mm, 6 x 19 Galvanized, Overall dimension of 650 mm long, Width Over rails 635 mm

Two Man Power Cradle

Capacity : Two Man
Safe working load : 240kg
Power Requirement : Plug and Socket outlet, 5-pin, 415v, 3-phase, 50Hz, 20 Amps
Size of Cradle : Over all dimension of 2300 mm long, Width over rails 700 mm

Slewing Cradle

The cradle is equipped for rigging with a pair of electrically powered Traction Hoist, each with an inter locked over-speed device complete with wire suspension ropes of appropriate length and power supply cable from the roof to cradle. Safe working load of cradle is 180Kg.

Articulated Power Cradle

Capacity : Two Men
Safe working load : 240 Kg                                                                                                                              Power requirement : 220V, 3-Phase, 50 Hz, 16 Amps
Size of Cradle : 2000mm L x 700mm W x 1100 mm H

Bosun Chair

Bosun Chair is the ideal solution for quick inspections, window cleaning or light maintenance to any building or structure. Powered by our Compact 400* hoist, it will give you more than enough lifting capacity and you remain in full control.