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“I’ve tried to run from the word

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His first throw was a quick strike to Richardson on a naked bootleg that he released as he was being hit by linebacker Jordan Jenkins. The pass gained 8 yards before an unnecessary roughness flag added another 15. It might have been a sack or incompletion if Smith’s predecessor, Kirk Cousins, had been running the play..

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“It’s iconic,” said Jerry Jones, the Dallas Cowboys owner and Los Angeles native who played a key role in pushing the ambitious project forward. “I’ve tried to run from the word. But this stadium, there was no way Stan was going to cut costs in any way that would compromise the overall, long term sense of quality or value.

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When you look at the roster as a whole, the talent level isn’t close to the same as the 2016 version on both sides of the ball. They’ve tried to mask it with schematic changes as best they can, but there’s only so much you can hide it in positions like the secondary and offensive line. Getting guys back healthy from injuries and suspensions will help, though there’s no fixing the biggest change from a year ago.

LOS ANGELES A son of this city before he became its mayor, Eric Garcetti adored the Rams for his first 23 years. He attended the 1980 Super Bowl, which the Rams lost to the Steelers, with his father when he was 8. The very sight of the helmet “that swirl,” he said always transported him back to childhood.

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