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Philip Bump explains how there’s little reason to

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Washington Post center Elker Floyd protests Kohrhetoric about mail in voting isn’t resonating Trump’s mail in voting rhetoric resonating? Philip Bump explains how there’s little reason to expect an increase in voter fraud, despite President Trump repeated claims. Philip Bump explains how there’s little reason to expect an increase in voter fraud, despite President Trump repeated claims. Washington Post Posey Washington Post mcconnell integrity vote 2020 ballots ballots fraud trump mcconnell integrity vote 2020 ballots ballots fraud trump Botsford review of Trump’s many unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud assault on election integrity forces question: What would happen if he refused to accept a loss? declines to say whether he will accept November election results Washington Post center Stevenson 2020 Posey BotsfordTV comedy is grappling with systemic racism in the shadow of George Floyd death TV comedy is grappling with systemic racism in the shadow of George Floyd death anti racism protests continue nationwide, the comedy world is reckoning with its past, uncovering how racist depictions of blackface and minstrelsy feed into TV today.

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