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In fact, while you may not necessarily think so,

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Darren Sproles, San Diego. Sproles is pretty much a career backup, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be effective. He’s about as fast as anyone in the league (which is important because he’s about the same size as he is on his football card), and he’ll be the 2 behind a rookie in Ryan Matthews.

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Women tend to suffer more with the interpersonal and relational aspects of the illness and tend to struggle more with feelings of abandonment and loss. Not only did they struggle with social relationships, honesty, and fear of being abandoned by friends and peers in school, but they also displayed behaviors that were very self defeating. For example, adolescents with BPD may engage in back biting, ostracizing peers, jealous or competitive behaviors, stealing and lying, substance use and abuse, or display an array of complicated relational patterns.

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