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On twitter the rapper shared a three page letter sent by the club to her record company, in which they complain about the use of the shirt in the video. The song ‘Boarders’ references the ongoing migrant crisis and the club feel that using the image of their jersey ‘is a source of discredit to our club and distorts its public communication policy’. At the time of writing the ‘Boarders’ video featuring the edited PSG shirt is still available on Youtube.

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cheap jerseys The Center for Disease Control and Prevention sponsors a “Heads Up” campaign, drawing attention to the dangers of concussion in youth sports. Medical journals and the popular press are highlighting the issueThe NFL commissioned its own study of concussions, which prompted a hearing in Congress, where questions are unresolved. And NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell himself, speaking at the Harvard School of Public Health in November, called for a change in the culture of football and drew particular attention to the “warrior mentality” of players who shrug off injury.. cheap jerseys

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Abdulazizov received instructions to pick up a pistol and ammo hidden in a Moscow suburb before ambushing Shishkina outside her house. The detective spotted the young man coming and knocked him to the ground, but he managed to let off a shot hitting her in the neck. But the bumbling assassin was traced by his escape route on Yandex Taxi (the Russian equivalent of Uber) and five months later, he was arrested.

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