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These days, the situation is like this that we can

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Functionality and design are both perfect with Casio divers’ watches. There is the Casio diver’s wristwatch with green watch hands and the numbers in blue color. These look cute and glow in the water so that the time becomes easily visible. Mo (the fun aunt) spends her days playing tennis, chatting with girls at the pool, and cracking open a few cold ones as the sun dips into the Gulf each evening. Jerry (for those older than me, picture “The Fonz” from Happy Days) has his Sudoku, Hot Wheels collection, Publix chicken wings, and a 2015 Mustang GT. Uncle Jerry hasn touched a drop of booze in decades, and a few years ago he suggested that Mo give up beer for Lent.

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I suspect life will take much longer to return to any kind of normal for grandma and grampa. It may even be that isolation keeps seniors apart from the rest of the family and the rest of the world for another year or more, until researchers come up with a vaccine. And that is a real heartbreaker for older citizens.

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