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Philadelphia’s run game is another concern

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Arizona Cardinals minus 3.5 vs. Washington Redskins The game is off the board at most locations because of uncertainty over who will play quarterback for the Cardinals. Louis Rams plus 3.5 vs. Philadelphia’s run game is another concern. The Eagles aren’t running the ball efficiently (3.5 yards per carry). The lack of a reliable rushing attack is forcing the Eagles into a lot of third and long situations.

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The Boston Bruins are excited to continue and grow the Bruins Academy Learn to Play presented by Pure Hockey (previously called “Little Bruins”) to help aspiring, youth hockey players develop their skills. Last season, the program expanded to over 80 locations across New England with over 5,000 participants. The program was available to both girls and boys and the registration fee included a full set of CCM equipment to keep valued at $500 retail, which included skates, a professional personalized fitting, and four weeks of on ice instruction led by certified coaches.

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