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Okay, that’s cool, but these are grade school kids

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The studio needed Mel voice for the Bunny show, which began in September 1961, but he was still stuck in a body cast. They set up a recording studio in Mel bedroom and with a microphone hanging above him, while he was flat on his back, the recordings were completed. A new show was set to premier and again Mel voice was needed.

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One of the few complaints you actually read and hear about with the LX3 was that its compactness actually was hindrance when trying to adjust settings in the middle of the action. The exact difference in size between the Lumix LX3 vs LX5 is about 40%. In reality, it seems less drastic since the LX3 is pretty small..

The pail is filled with a chocolate chip cookie on the bottom, five scoops of ice cream, hot fudge, caramel, wet walnuts, two dry toppings of your choice and lots of whipped cream and cherries. It garnished with a fun pair of sunglasses and other seaside accoutrements. (Locations in Florida, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.).

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