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The strange font seems to be popular

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Marcus Arroyo trying to keep UNLV players engaged and educated from a distanceUNLV football will play game at Sam Boyd Stadium in 2020 UNLV football thought it would be moving into a new home for the 2020 season. The Las Vegas Raiders had other plans. Due to a scheduling dispute with the Raiders, UNLV will not be playing all..

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Home SearchTORONTO The Atlanta Hawks gathered around Vince Carter after Tuesday morning’s shootaround at Scotiabank Arena and sang “Happy Birthday” to the NBA’s oldest player.Carter had actually turned 43 on Sunday, the same day retired Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant and his 13 year old daughter Gianna died in a helicopter crash, and the entire NBA was in mourning. National teams, found solace that day on the court.He initially believed Sunday’s game against visiting Washington should’ve been cancelled, but the 152 133 win over the Wizards ended up being cathartic, and perhaps the best way to honour Bryant.”It was fitting for a lot of us. Guys wanted to go play like they did, for him,” Carter said.

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