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8th April 2015Quote: “I didn’t appreciate them all

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PR ist ein komplexer Job. So komplex, dass sogar nicht mal 59% der Fhrungskrfte die Rolle der PR Profis in ihrem Unternehmen vollstndig verstehen. Besorgniserregend? Vielleicht. With songs like “Punks Not Dead,” “I Believe in Anarchy” and “Dogs of War,” The Exploited chanted and ranted about a chaotic world through a punk rock lens. Notable recordings include their first EP, Army Life (1980), their first album, Punks Not Dead (1981), Troops of Tomorrow (1982) and Let Start a War. (Said Maggie One Day) (1983) the “Maggie” here is Margaret Thatcher, and the war is the Falklands War..

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