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These are the spots to go if you want to just kick

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You know those power strips you see with multi plug availability? Well, that is a power strip. Sounds pretty simple so far, doesn’t it? A power strip is used to plug in many (more than two or three) plugs. Now, a power surge protector is best used to protect a computer from electrical spikes.

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He said there was a birthday party these were King George people at Morton’s Steakhouse in Philadelphia. He said they invited him to play and wondered if I was interested. I was really skeptical because I didn’t really know Dave that well. “That’s when I really got a chance to match up with him a little more and saw what kind of player he was,” Sewell said. “On one play, I beat my man and shot a teardrop floater. He jumped so damn high, and he just tipped it.

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