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I don generally like making decisions/assumptions about

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7a replica bags meaning I don like comparing JDS to Cormier. Different fighters make different styles.I don generally like making decisions/assumptions about fighters current form, shape, and conditioning because I not involved in their camp in anyway; hence, I don know their current state.Throwing my two cents in, if I were a boxer like Dos Santos, I would want to keep distance, work with jabs and kicks like he replica handbags china did against Ivanov, especially considering the fact that Lewis possesses solid one punch ko power.On the other hand, if purse replica handbags I were Derrick Lewis, I would want to stay patient, wait for openings, and conserve my energy so that I could be prepared for extra rounds.Though I hate mentioning this, Derrick last 6 out of 8 fights went to the 3rd round, cheap replica handbags and 2 of those 6 replica handbags online went to the championship rounds.Back to what you have said, “Well i clearly said bet on the full 5, not over 2.5. So really shows how much you know about mma lol.”There is no way you can possible know how much I know about mma.If you post an opinion, people generally expect you to provide arguments to support Replica Handbags your believes so that it will have some sort of value.Since you are so sure in your reasonings, why don you make place your own bet, and provide us with a screenshot, just like I did, so we know you can Replica Bags actually stand for your words?. 7a replica bags meaning

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