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The way he could change direction of play

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replica bags louis vuitton Watch his highlights from that year. The way he could change direction of play, his vision in the final third, the finesse, amazing link up play, for me he was the best midfielder in the world that year. He scored banger after banger. Interestingly, and of note for people with heart disease and any other medical concern, several recent studies, including a well known one from Harvard, have shown that female physicians often come out ahead of men in their success rates in treating patients. Of more than 1.5 million hospitalized Medicare patients, including many with heart disease, those who were treated by female physicians were less likely to die or be readmitted to the hospital than those treated by male physicians. Another study of more than 580,000 patients admitted to emergency rooms in Florida over two decades found that death rates were lower when female and male patients were treated for various illnesses, including heart disease, by female emergency department physicians.. replica bags louis vuitton

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